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I used to be so free...

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Hello, pretties! You've somehow stumbled across icons_erased: m'own personal icon journal. I'm Megan and I'll be takin' care of ya.

First, some regulations:

† All icons are for sharing. That is why they're posted. To share. If I didn't want to share them, they would not be posted. Thank you.

† Credit is not needed unless I specifically say HEY! YOU! CREDIT! That's rare, so...yes. Indeed. These are non-credit obligation icons.

† Please, please, please, PLEASE do not hotlink my icons. Pleeeease. You'll end up not having an icon because I DO, in fact, delete things from my server frequently. Save to your hard drive and THEN upload. :D

I. TAKE. REQUESTS! I'm always looking for inspiration. Please help me out and suggest stuff for me to make. :3

† There is to be no eating, drinking, smoking or flash photography inside icons_erased. Offenders will be prosecuted (oknotreallythisruleisjustnonsense)

Other than that, enjoy the stuff! Yes, this is indeed a friends only journal...but that's only because I'd like to know where my icons are going. That, and I want a pretty friends only banner. :3 I do understand how frustrating it is to add an icon journal to your friends list...but deal. :D

Luh. <3